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GlobeTap has over 15 years of experience in finance and business consulting and has helped numerous clients with financing, new market entry, and government relations consulting for projects in India, the Middle East, and Caribbean & Latin America.

GlobeTap is led by Kabeer Singh Minhas. Mr. Minhas has provided top level care for his clients across different industries such as healthcare, education, agriculture, energy, security, and telecom. Mr. Minhas sits on the advisory board of several companies and is active among many industry organizations. He earned his Bachelor's Degree from the University of Maryland and College Park, and his Master's Degree in Business at the American University, Kogod School of Business.

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Whatever your business consulting needs, we're here for you

Our wide range of business consulting services are backed by industry knowledge and expertise. See the difference by working with us.

  • Increase profits

    One of the biggest reasons businesses seek to work with us is because they need a healthier bottom line. Being able to both increase sales and profits is what makes a business secure. Sometimes it takes the eyes of someone on the outside to see opportunities where margins could be increased. Our distinguished consultants will help you grow and sustain profits.

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    Expand products or services

    Ready to expand your products or services? Then you need the guidance of a seasoned business consultant. Breaking into a new line of business can be complex and much analysis needs to occur to determine if it's the best move. We can determine if the need in the marketplace exists and how you can exploit it.

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    Develop a strategic plan

    A company's strategic plan includes a blueprint of how to get from A to B. We'll help you prioritize projects and detail certain things that need to happen to make it to the next milestone. That doesn't mean your strategic plan is set in stone. As the industry evolves, so will your plan of action.

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    Find more efficiencies

    Any area in which more efficiency can be established means it costs you less to operate that function. Our experts have extensive experience in helping businesses find these opportunities to operate in a more lean model with less waste. Work with us and we'll have your entire operation operating seamlessly.

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    Cut costs

    In addition to increasing revenues, every business is looking for ways to cut costs. Our business consultants find cost savings in a variety of ways, including eliminating redundancies and integrating systems to work together better. Ultimately, our solutions allow you to take a significant cut on costs to operate.

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    Diversify your business

    Are you seeing your market shift? Is is time to diversify? Our business consultants can research new avenues, complementary to your current business model. This analysis includes barriers to entry and the opportunities available. You may also be engaging a new kind of buyer. We'll work to get you caught up on that as well.

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